Friday 19 June 2015

Scandal Eyes & Kate Moss E/Shadow Crayons

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are well....

I thought I would speak to you today about these Rimmel Scandal Eyes & Kate Moss Eye-Shadow Sticks.
I have heard so many great things on you tube about these and I do like the NYX eyeshadow pencils. I do only have the one from NYX in Leopard and I really love it.

I have always been curious about these Rimmel  Scandal Eye-Shadow crayons and Kate Moss Eye-Shadow crayons.

So when I came across them in Poundland when I was in Southport with my Mum a few weeks ago I was quite happy as they are £4.49 in Boots at the moment.

Even though I had heard good things about these and read good reviews online I just bought two to start of with and I loved them that much the next time I went to Southport I was lucky that they still had them in poundland. 

I got all five of these for practically the same price as one which is just amazing just goes to show if you look around you can pick up a Bargain.

Here are the colours that I picked Up......

The colours I bought first were the Scandal Eyes Kate Collection in the colour Rose 100 this is such a really pretty colour.
If you have been a reader of my blog for awhile you will know that I love the colour Rose Gold so when I saw this colour I really wanted to try it and see how it looked. 

The second colour that I really liked was this Scandal Eyes in the colour Bluffing 011 I really like this colour it reminds me of the Maybelline Colour 24hr Tattoos I have a few of these but the colour I am referring to is On and On The Bronze 35 which is also a favourite of mine.
I then went back to Southport and chose these colours Scandal Eyes in the colour Trespassing Taupe 015 

This colour is a darker brown colour very nice and it can be worn with the lighter colours that I have the Rose & Bluffing colours. 

It's a really nice colour to give you that smoky eye look. 

I then saw this really pretty Gold colour in the Scandal Eyes collection this one is a little different as it's eye shadow in the tube and not a crayon like the others I have talked about. 
This Eye-Shadow comes out wet and then dries as a normal Eye-Shadow would. 

I love the colour of this it's the perfect gold for christmas.

The colour of this eye-shadow is called Golden Bronze 005.

The last colour that I got from the Scandal Eye Kate Collection is in the colour Pure Turquoise 103. 
As you can probably see from the posts that I make on my make-up collection I am not really one for colour but as we are in the summer months now I thought it might be nice to introduce a little bit of colour into my make-up routine. 

I have tried this Pure Turquoise and it obviously took a little bit of getting used too because I am used to wearing Safe Neutral Colours.
I really like this colour I was really surprised at just how much I did like it. 

** All these Scandal Eye Crayons are 24 hour and waterproof which is definitely a bonus you can use them like you would use the Maybelline 24hr Tattoo as a Base or by themselves as a Eyeshadow
When you wear them by themselves I have found that you don't have to wear a Eye Primer like you have to with Eyeshadows. 

I don't have any negatives to say about Rimmel Scandal Eye-Shadow Collection I know I will get a lot of wear out of them and If I came across them again in Poundland I would definitely get some more to stock up because they are definitely worth it. 

Would I pay £4.49 if I was wearing it so much that I finished the pencil and wanted the same colour and could not get it from Poundland then yes I would go to boots and pay the full price of £4.49.

Have you tried any of these Rimmel Scandal Eye Crayons? Which is your favourite??