Tuesday 9 June 2015

My Blog/Technical Problems = Stress

Hello Lovelies, 

Hope you are all well....

If you have been on my blog yesterday you will have noticed that there were broken links all over the place which just made it look a mess. 

At first I thought It may be the template as I am using a template that was purchased from blogaholic designs which is a lovely template so I contacted Emily from Blogaholic Designs who is fantastic by the way she gave me some technical support even though the problem had nothing to do with the template provide by Blogaholic Designs so I would like to say a big big Thank you  to Emily for that.

Emily said that the photos were showing up  like that because they had probably been deleted and that I should go and look on Picasa as the photos you upload to your blog on blogger are stored to Picasa. 

I'm not sure how it happened but some of the photos were deleted and that is why they were not showing up on my blog. 
I tried restoring the photos so I could just put them into the individual posts but that didn't work so it looks like I will have to do it from scratch again which I am not very happy about. 

I did add one post back onto my blog last night the Photography post of the birds while I was at my mums and on bloglovin it has doubled up twice as I have deleted the content on blogger it says that there is no content. Maybe bloglovin will be able to delete those posts for me of bloglovin I'm not sure I will be putting all of these posts back on my blog in the next few weeks It's just going to take me awhile. 
So if you see some posts that have doubled up this is why.

It seems to have been one problem after another since I moved my blog from wordpress to the blogger platform first it was bringing my followers over from wordpress to my new blog and now this I just hope there isn't a third thing to go wrong they do say it happens in three's don't they?