Tuesday 9 June 2015

Accessorise Summer Shopper Hand Bag From Charity Shop

Hello Lovelies, 

Hope your all well, 

I thought I would do this quick post on this lovely summer shopper handbag that I found in a charity shop that my mum wanted to look in when we was in town recently. 

I loved this bag as soon as I saw it in the shop window at this point I didn't realise that it was originally bought from Accessorise untill a few days later when I transferred my things from one of my other handbags to this handbag. 

It was then I realised at how much of a good deal I got as I only paid £4 for this shopper handbag which is the perfect essential for spring/summer months. 

I have just looked on the Accessorise website and the majority of shopper handbags were between £20-£25 so I really did get  a bargain when I bought this. 

I don't really have any summer handbags like this the colours in this handbag are gorgeous I love the mint green that is in the middle of the panel I just think all the colours in this handbag look so pretty together. 

How the handbag looks are the positives to this handbag but as with anything there are some negatives well one big negative for me is that it doesn't have a fastening I like my handbags to have a zip or at least a button fastening but this handbag just doesn't have either which is a little bit disappointing as I could lose things out of my handbag. 

I wouldn't use this handbag for travelling but it's a good handbag for everyday use. 
I wear a lot of the colour mint green so this handbag would go with a lot of the clothes that I wear. 

Have you bought any summer essentials/bargains?