Sunday 21 June 2015

Jerome Alexander Magic Minerals

Hello Lovelies,

Hope your all having a lovely weekend....

In today's post I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on Jerome Alexander's Magic Mineral Powder.
This is something that I have recently discovered in my Make-Up Collection. 

In all honesty I actually forgot I had this Powder and then one night where my Insomnia was at an all time High I just couldn't sleep and High Street TV was on and Jerome Alexander was on there advertising this product and showing how to use it and what the product does and all his Models looked good Wearing this powder it was so Natural as well as it being a Powder it has beads that are used to correct whatever needs to be corrected in your skin to give you a nice Natural Flawless Finish.

You do get a Brush to use with this product but I didn't really like it and didn't think the product went on that well with the brush that was provided. 
This brush is a Bare Essentials brush and the Powder goes on really well with it.

Here is what Jerome Alexander claims that this powder does.....

This ultra-fine mineral foundation and concealer is made with built in Colour Correctors that Mask Blemishes and smooth out Imperfections to give you Beautiful Radiant Skin!

The light, Translucent Foundation matches your Skin Tone while Four Mineral Shades combine to give you a Flawless Complexion.

Mineral Shades :-
Pink - Brightens Pale Complexion. 
Mint - Dulls Redness and Conceals Skin Dis-Colouration. 
Lavender - Camouflages Yellow and Pale Skin. 
Yellow - Coverage For Your Under And Over Your Eye Areas.

Set Includes - 
Mineral Powder 0.48 oz/14g
Professional Stubby Brush. 

  • Micronised mineral powder
  • Full coverage with correctors and concealers
  • Matches your skin tone in moments
  • Fragrance and talc free
  • Won’t get caught in wrinkles or creases

  • I think this powder is really nice and light for the summer months and is perfect for travelling with too. I always get a little nervous when I travel with bottles of liquid foundation in case the bottle smashes.

    I really do like this powder and definitely think it's worth the money I have had this product for a long time and this is a product that only costs £9.99. 
    Jerome Alexander has repackaged this item since I bought it I will leave a photo from the JML Website.

    I think Jerome Alexander has done a brilliant job at repackaging this product I think the Star embedded into this Powder makes it look more expensive then it is.