Monday 22 June 2015

It's A Lovely Day For A Trip To Blackpool

Hello Lovelies,

On Saturday the weather was just too beautiful so my mum and I decided at the very last minute to jump on a bus to go to Blackpool.
I haven't been to Blackpool in the spring/summer for many years and it was such a great idea to just get away for a few hours it took my mind of things and just left me feeling more positive about the future. 
Blackpool is only an hour away by bus from where I live but the sun was out my mum and I  were strolling on the sea front like we hadn’t got a care in the world. 
It felt like we were on holiday rather then just an hour away from home it was lovely. 
I went a bit mad whilst I was taking photos I’ll insert the best ones down below and introduce you guys to my mum who has just been my rock over this last year.

I was actually under this wheel whilst I was taking this photo and It looked huge when I was looking up at It trying to take the photo. I wanted a perfect photo of this wheel that captures it at it’s best so It took a few shots. 

I think this shot of the wheel captures it at it’s best you get a glimpse of the beach and the pier I think it’s nice or it would be if that b&m carrier bag was not in shot. sorry about that but it was a really sunny day and I could barely see what I was taking photos of. I don’t think I did too bad a job as all the photos were taken with my iphone. 

I took a photo of this hook a duck stand as it reminds me of my childhood. I never really liked rides growing up that was always my older sisters thing so when my mum took us to the fair at Easter she would give my sister money for rides and me money for Hook – A- Duck. I always ended up coming home with a prize sometimes goldfish which I don’t think made my mums day.

This ride out of all the rides looked like a lot of fun that and they had my favourite ride the Waltzer  which I did think about going on but I’d have to go by myself which I didn’t really want to do. 

Here we are mother and daughter posing for a selfie  squinting away  because the sun was too bright. This woman has done so much for me over this last year and I really don’t know how I would have coped if she hadn’t been around my life is definitely better for having her in it. 

The famous landmark you know you have arrived in Blackpool when you see Blackpool Tower

Love this one where the Sun is hitting the water. 
I really enjoyed this day when Mum and I went to Blackpool back in April and I have been again since then but this was by far the best day for taking photos.