Monday 15 June 2015

Another Nomination For The Liebster Blog Award From Life With B

Hello Lovelies, 

I received another nomination for The Liebster Awards which was very unexpected and so lovely . 
I only started my blog 4 weeks ago so for it to get recognised already gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside🏻. 

As I have already nominated 11 people for this award I won’t do that part again I found it hard enough the first time around .

I would like to take the time to answer Life with B questions though as it will give my readers the chance to get to know me not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Thanks Life with B for the nomination –

I hope you decide it’s a good thing.

Some of these questions may be similar to the ones I have answered but hopefully there will be some different ones for me to answer . 

1, What inspired you to start blogging?
My inspiration behind blogging came from reading some of my favourite blogs and I have a you tube channel but I’ve not filmed for awhile due to personal reasons but still wanted to reach out to the you tube community as I love talking to my subscribers so I thought what better way then to do it by creating a blog. 

My blog is like my channel on you tube all about beauty, make-up and fashion the only difference is their is no filming required and you don’t have to worry about your lighting and if your background is okay this is so important especially with beauty videos.

2, What is your camera do you use for photography for your blog?
I have been using my iphone 5s which does the job fine but I also have a Cannon EOS 600D which I was using when I was filming for you tube. I need to figure out how to use the settings  it can get a bit complicated I’m going to college in 2 weeks to study photography so that should help with that little problem. 

3, Who are your favourite bloggers?
Fleur de force
Yasmin Stageman

4, What one thing could you not live life without?
This is tough I’d say both my iphone and laptop but if I had to choose between the two I would say Iphone as it keeps me in contact with my family

5, Who is your favourite fictional character?
Wonder woman was always a favourite growing up and spider man . 

6, What is your favourite thing to blog about?
I love blogging about reviews on make-up and beauty products and first impressions. I also like talking about fashion.

7, Favourite drug store beauty product?
Drug store beauty product is so tough for me I like most brands but I  am drawn to the MUA (Make-Up Academy) counter then any other especially if I want lipstick there just so cheap. How they can make them that cheap I will never know there £1.
So I would say favourite drug store product the winner is MUA.

8, Where would you love to travel?
The next place I want to travel to is Australia to visit my best friend who lives there who I haven’t seen in such a long time. If I could go and visit her that would just mean so much to me, 

9, What is your dream job?
My dream job would be doing this or filming videos on you tube doing something I am passionate about or Photography that is another great passion of mine. 

10, Top things to do to relax?
These are the things I do to relax, Write a post and just switch off from the rest of the world for half an hour or so.
Read currently I’m reading fleur de forces beauty book.
Take a nice relaxing bubble bath and soak in that for half an hour.

11, Meaning behind your blog name?
By now you will have guessed the meaning behind my blog name it's pretty simple I love beauty and my name is Andrea.