Saturday 30 May 2015

Rimmel Rita Ora Bestival Blue Nail Polish V's Primark P.S Mint Green Nail Polish Review

Hello Lovelies, 
I hope you are enjoying your bank holiday weekend so far. 
I thought since I can’t sleep I should be productive and write a post for my blog since I’ve not done that in a few days now. 
I have been reviewing nail polishes recently especially the ones from Primark they have such a nice range of summer colours in there at the moment and they are just 80p. 
What a BARGAIN!!!!…..
Mint green is definitely my favourite summer colour I just love it this nail polish is definitely a summer essential for me. 
In fact rather this post is not just a review it's a summer essential for me it's definitely on my list to be wearing throughout summer. 
I wanted to compare the P.S Nail polishes against a higher brand so when I saw this Rita Ora, Rimmel Nail Polish in my local Pharmacy it gave me the perfect opportunity to compare them. 
I have to say though I was a little disappointed with the Rita Ora Nail Polish just because I thought it was going to be a paler blue then it was I have a few colours in my collection by Barry M that are very similar to this but it was on special offer so I don’t mind as much. 
Let me tell you about the Primark one first from the P.S collection there is not a lot I don’t like about these Nail Polishes you get more product in these then you do in Most other Nail polishes I have . 
You get 10ml in the P.S Nail Polishes in the Rimmel one you only get 8ml so these Primark Nail Polishes are definitely Great Value for money. What I would like to see Primark do though is come up with names for them (see I told you I was a little obsessed with my make-up having names) that is half the fun of choosing a Nail polish or a Lipstick seeing what name the brand comes up with. 
Where is the imagination of just making a lipstick or a nail polish and not going that extra mile and branding it by giving the colour a name. I would have so much fun if I had my own cosmetics company....
The only negative comment  I would say about these nail polishes was the smell is very strong now I know all Nail Polishes are strong but these are worse then normal you can smell all the chemicals that have gone into making them I guess that is what you get for buying cheap Nail Polish but if you can get your head around that I can’t rave enough about them. Primark have brought out plenty of colour choices you get plenty of product the Nail polishes last about 4-5 days before it starts to chip. Some of the higher quality nail polishes I have had I don't get 5 days use out of my polish before it chips. 
I have wanted to try these Rita Ora Rimmel Nail Polishes since I saw the TV commercial for Made In Chelsea....
The colours looked stunning at full price I think there £3.99 which is the same price as Barry M Nail Paints They are not too pricey but when you think about it you could buy 5 Primark Nail polishes for the price of one Rimmel or Barry M. I wanted to compare the Rimmel against the Primark Nail polish and they both lasted the same amount of time the colour pay off was about the same so I can’t say that Rimmel is any better then Primark I would say they are both the same. 
The good thing about the Rita Ora Nail Polish is the scent is not as strong so you don’t feel like the scent of the Nail Polish is overpowering so If you don’t like strong scents you might be best avoiding the Primark Nail Polishes and choosing a brand like Rimmel Or Barry M that aren’t as strong but if your on a budget these Primark Nail Polishes are just great. 
I do really like the colour from the Rita Ora collection by Rimmel the name is cute Bestival Blue and it’s floral packaging is super cute but If I saw a similar colour in Primark  I  would get that over the more costly Nail Polishes from rimmel. 
I bought a couple of more nail polishes that I can’t wait to show you again they are some lovely colours for spring/summer they are just perfect for this time of year. 
Look out for that in  the next few days…..
Here are the snaps of the Nail Polishes…. 

I love the Rimmel Rita Ora packaging but I think the mint green nail polish from primark is much nicer (I do have a slight obsession with mint green though)....

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