Saturday 30 May 2015

Look Flawless Fix V's Rimmel BB Cream 9-in-1 Review

Hello Lovelies,
Hope your all having a lovely bank holiday weekend so far. 
No plans for me this bank holiday weekend as such I’m going to my mum’s tomorrow which I do every Sunday for her lovely Sunday dinner so I’m already looking forward to that.
I have wanted to do this review for awhile it’s a comparison review between Look Flawless Fix Beauty Balm and Rimmel Radiance 9-in-1 BB Cream.
I was very excited when I found this Rimmel BB Cream Radiance Cream 9-In-1 in a Magazine I had heard good things. I think I did a first impressions post on this particular cream when I got the Look Flawless Fix Beauty Balm.  I said that I was going to try Look Flawless Fix Beauty Balm and Rimmel 9-in-1 BB Cream and compare the two of them. This Rimmel 9-in-1 perfecting cream  claims to do the following Primes, moisturises, minimises pores, conceals, covers, smoothes, mattifies, brightens and helps protect. Lightweight Ultra Comfortable formula instantly gives a flawless finish. I was very surprised at this product because I have tried a lot of Rimmel Foundations light weight and extra coverage. I know this is a BB Cream but I was very disappointed with the product I was expecting more from it because of what it claims to do maybe my expectations were too high. I am glad I didn’t purchase this BB Cream like I was going to though.
I don’t think this product Primes your skin I tried this BB Cream on without any Primer as I wanted to give a true review. I didn’t feel like my skin was Moisturised normally I would have moisturised before I put foundation or BB Cream on but because this product said that it had moisturiser in it I left this step out I didn’t want my skin to look oily. I didn’t notice that my Pores looked smaller I have quite big pores and they looked the same no different by using this product. I also didn’t notice that it Conealed Or Covered any blemishes that I had any better then any other BB Creams or Foundations that I have used. My skin also Didn’t look any Brighter this is one of the Main reasons I wanted to try this BB Cream because I love that Luminescent/Dewy look. So they were all the cons of this BB Cream I’ll tell you the few pro’s that I did find. My skin did feel a lot Smoother with this product I also noticed my skin looked more Matte. This product also feels very lightweight so if your looking for a product that is lightweight that mattifys your skin that gives the appearance of smoother skin this is a good product for you but for me I would not Purchase it because I was looking forward to the BB cream doing everything that it says not just 3 things. The main things that I would buy this product for like Pores looking smaller, concealing or covering blemish and having brighter more radiant skin I just didn’t notice this BB Cream did that which was very disappointing. 
Onto Look Flawless Fix Beauty Balm I have loved using this product ever since it was bought for me a couple of months ago by lovely Mum. I’ll go onto tell you what this product claims to do. Clever enough to cover anything your face throws at you but natural enough to let your skin shine through. BB Creams and me have struggled in the past I have never found one that I have liked well enough to use daily until Now that is. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try a good BB Cream because I don’t want to always use Foundation as sometimes I feel it’s too heavy and is clogging my pores up. This BB Cream feels very smoothe when you put it on your skin, It doesn’t give you a dewy finish but it doesn’t claim to. I found that it conceals and covers any blemishes/spots. If someone said they wanted to buy a BB Cream I would suggest this one every time but I don’t think it’s sold in Boots or Superdrug any longer and if it was it wouldn’t be for the great price of £1.99. If i’d have known how good this BB Cream was I would have got more then one bottle of it. Hopefully one day I will go back to Bury Markets and they will still sell it. I love BB Creams for this time of year as foundations are just so heavy when you are wearing a good BB Cream it is like your skin with no flaws. My skin didn’t get Oily at all with this BB Cream and this sometimes happens with foundations too unless I get a foundation that is Matte.
As I said I wear this BB Cream most days and I have worn it today I’m just wearing the Look Flawless Fix Beauty Balm Some Eyeshadow and Lipgloss. I wanted to show you what this Beauty Balm looked like.
Here are a couple of photos…..
So here are the products side by side then there is a photo of me which isn’t great Apologies for that with the Beauty Balm Flawless Fix on. Trust me this is a huge improvement I look much worse without it as today I have been feeling very drained from the lack of sleep I have been getting. In this photo the only make-up I am wearing is the Beauty Balm, Eyeshadow, and a lip gloss. I wanted to keep my face make-up very minimal so you could see what this Beauty Balmlooked like. 

Have you tried any good BB Creams I would love to hear your recommendations?