Saturday 30 May 2015

Infamous Tangle Teaser V's Style Studio De-Tangle Brush Comparison Review

Hello Lovelies, 
I have been wanting to do this review since I bought the Style Detangle Brush a couple of months ago but I wanted to test the brush out for awhile first. 
I love my Tangle Teaser I have had this brush for over a year I use it every single day so when I saw this Style Studio Detangle Brush I just had to try it out and see how the two compare against one another. 
The main difference is of course is the price my Tangle Teaser was £10.99 and the Style Detangle Brush was just 99p (yes 99p) 
So I was interested to see how the Style Detangle Brush would compare against the Infamous Tangle teaser….
My thoughts on this Style Studio Detangle Brush is that It was good value for money and If you are on a budget and have never tried the Tangle Teaser then it would be great for you as you wouldn't have anything to compare at against and don't know how great the Tangle teaser really is....
I don’t think the Style Studio Detangle Brush is as good as the Tangle Teaser but I didn’t think it was going to be that’s why I wanted to do this review. 
I have very thick hair and find the Tangle Teaser brush just glides through my hair the Style Detangle Brush not so much so if it’s definitely within your budget I would say the Tangle Teaser is the better option and the bristles on the tangle teaser still look like I only bought it yesterday whereas the Style Studio Detangle Brush the bristles are already starting to bend because my hair is so thick but if you have finer hair the Style Studio Detangle Brush should be okay for you but if you have coarse thick hair like myself  I would say the Tangle Teaser might be better option for you but I definitely think the Style Studio Detangle brush is great value for money. 
Here are some photos for you to see....

You can see in the photos that the Style Studio De-Tangle Brush is a definite dupe for the Tangle teaser apart from being the same shape. The bristles on the brush are very similar the plastic packaging that both the brushes come in are similar too. You can see though before I even used it that some of the bristles are bending to one side so that indicates that it's not going to be good if you want a long lasting brush something with staying power and it's within budget I say go for the tangle teaser. 
Have you tried this Style Studio De-Tangle Teaser Brush what do you think of it....