Is It Worth The Hype

Hello Beauties,

I thought I would add a Is It Worth The Hype page where I talk about make up and beauty products and give my opinions/thoughts on them and let you know if I think it's Worth The Hype...

First up I would like to talk about Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette when this was released it was sold as the palette that you could take everywhere it had everything that you would ever need and was the ultimate travel palette.

Let's talk about the outer packaging it's so me a beautiful rose gold colour with the name on the palette and like a tye dye effect.

Lets talk about what you get in the Palette you get the famous Urban Decay Perversion Mascara and 24/7 Eyeliner in the shade Stag.

There are 5 eyeshadows in this Palette which are really pretty Neutral Shadows .  I love the Rose Gold Eye Shadow which is called Dive. 

You can see how much by the usage that I have used compared to the rest of the Shadows in the Palette.

The second eyeshadow in the palette is a nice Neutral Matte Brown Crease Shadow called Fix.

There is a nice Mink Brown Shimmer Shadow called Resist and a Darker Matte Brown which is called Bare .  This is ideal for the outer corner of your eye and lash line, Finally a Dark Brown Shimmer which is called Stun.

All these shadows are super pigmented I  am selling it not because of the quality, I am begrudging selling this palette as it is so pretty but I don't use this palette and is just sitting in my collection unused which I believe is just a waste.

The Bronzer in this Palette is very Orange on my skin tone I have only used it once or twice and it just isn't for me . I really love the Blusher it's a gorgeous pink shade and the highlight is really nice but it's not for me so I don't really get use from this palette and thought I would sell it so that someone else can get the love a high end pre-loved palette at a very good price.  

I love that the palette has a big mirror and stands up by itself it definitely is a great palette to travel with it has all the products you need if you have darker skin then light that Bronzer will be perfect on your skin tone .

I think it's definitely Worth The Hype that was around this at the time and still to this day it's a really good Palette and if you are a Make Up Collector and don't have this palette in your Collection you will want to add this one to your Make Up Stash .

Kathleen Lights X Colour pop Collaborations....

What's the hype with colour pop your probably asking yourself if your reading this post and why do big you tubers like Kathleen lights do collaborations with them as essentially in the U.K colour pop would be a drug store brand eyeshadows are around $5 or at least that was the price when I last ordered. Both these quads were £20 which you might think is a lot for 4 eye shadows but there so pigmented there worth every single penny.

The metallic and shimmer eyeshadows are amazing my favourite eye shadow without a doubt is from where the light is and it is the shadow Kathleen Lights it's such an amazing gold that makes my eyes just pop and look so blue .

If you have blue or green eyes then you need this eye shadow in your life you will love it I don't agree with the custom charges but I will definitely be repurchasing this shadow when I run out of it as I don't have anything like it in my collection .

These shadows blend like a dream the best way to put on the metallic or shimmer eye shadow is to pat it onto your eye lid . I didn't find that they went on as well with a brush and the matte shades you need a duo fibre brush.

I love the packaging of both of the quads you don't need to keep the eye shadows in the packaging I just like to have them all together . I am such a neat freak like that I am sure I have developed OCD in how I store my make up I have to have my make up a certain way but that's all for another post .

 So here are the swatches of where the light is quad that is the quad with the rose gold packaging as you can see the shadows are very high in pigment some of my most expensive eye shadow palettes don't have this much pigmentation in the eye shadows .

I can certainly see why there is so much hype around the brand everything I have tried I have really liked . I wish I had a few more of their highlighters I only have 2 and maybe a couple more blushers . The main products I have tried from colour pop is the eye shadows and the ultra matte lipsticks . I do have some lippie sticks and I think a couple of lip liners but I don't really wear them that much so maybe I will sanitise them and see if anyone would like to buy them on my depop account .

I have other shadows that I will be doing a reviews on my colour pop shadows very soon so if your interested in seeing my collection look out for that soon .

I would definitely recommend colour pop they are such a good brand and so inexpensive if you live in America . The problem that we have living in the U.K is that we have to pay customs. I did read though if you ordered a very small amount the customs charge is hardly anything for example if you live in the U.K order $30 worth of items it will be free shipping and there will only be a small charge in customs . I'm not sure how true this is i'm just going off someone else's blog at the moment as well there is 20% off on the colour pop website .

Have you tried colour pop ? What do you think of the brand?

           Milani Conceal & Perfect Foundation

This foundation has to be the most overhyped product I ever heard of I bought this as I heard a lot of you tubers say it was amazing and wanted to try a high coverage foundation out for myself and was so disappointed with the results.

I got the lightest shade which is vanilla I always get this shade in my foundations well it's either vanilla, ivory or porcelain whatever the lightest or second lightest shade is .

It was very thick which I didn't mind too much as I blend my foundations out with a sponge anyways which makes them sheer but after about half an hour it went from looking fine on me to turning a nasty orange shade .

This foundation oxydised so much even by putting powder on I couldn't wear it which is a real shame as it got so much attention and hype in 2016 I decided to buy it in February which honestly is my one biggest regret .

If you have fair skin like medium they really don't have a shade to suit your skin tone which is a shame as I would have liked to try a lighter shade.

This for me was not worth the hype? Let me know have you tried this what was your impression on the foundation? Did it oxidise on you too ?

                                Urban Basics Palette

This is another palette that I will be putting on my Depop to sell just because I don't reach for it anymore and also I got the ultimate basics palette for christmas and don't believe I need all 3 Basics palettes so I will be selling Urban Decay basics and basics 2 palette .

Are these palettes worth the hype I think so if you like matte eye shadows  you will get a lot of use out of these palettes.

You get a nice mix of neutrals in these palettes and the shadows are buttery and blend out so well.

                                  Venus - makes a nice brow bone highlight
                                 Foxy and Walk of Shame make really good base shadows and if you
                                 have a darker skin tone.
                                 you can use foxy as a matte browbone highlight.
                                 Naked 2 is a really good transition shade
                                 Faint is great for the lash line and to deepen the outer v for that smoky eye
                                Crave is a great black shadow that is good to create a wing liner or to use
                                on your lash line

       The last 2 eyeshadows in the palette Faint and Crave I have only used twice so they have barely
       been touched .

      I tend to wear my avon supershock gel eye liner then using black eye shadow the eye shadow in
      the urban decay palettes are always so pigmented and the Urban Decay Basics Palette is no