Tuesday 5 September 2023

Is This Legit? Boots Beauty Hero Bag: I have Thoughts

Hey beauties 

Sorry, it's been a while since my last post I have had quite a lot of health problems that I am currently dealing with. I will go into that In a later post. 

I recently went into Boots and as I always do when I go into Boots or Superdrug I looked at the reduced section I love a good bargain, I mean who doesn't? 

I came across the Beauty Hero's gift set that originally was on promotion when you spent so much in Boots 

So I was really shocked and taken aback when I saw that Boots was selling them off for £5 which Is very inexpensive for the products inside the bag but even so selling something that was free on a promotion doesn't quite sit right with me and I'm not even sure it's legal 

It doesn't say Not for Resale and while it doesn't actually say that they can't resell it I guess it's how you feel about this morally 

I do feel like I got a good deal the products are worth nearly £30 and I just paid £5 

What do you think beauties do you think it's ok to sell products that are supposed to be free? 

My video is below so you can check out what I got in the Beauty Hero's Bag 

I hope you are all Well 

Sending you all my love 

Tuesday 18 April 2023


 Hey Beauties, 

Hope you're doing well 

Today I have a small Primark haul to share with you, I just happened to stroll into Primark yesterday and I saw these products that I want to try for the channel . 

I got some real BARGAINS  If you like drugstore makeup this is the video for you  

Do you have any of these products in your collection if so what are your thoughts ? 

Thanks for watching beauties sending lots of love to you all 

Sunday 12 March 2023


 Hey beauties, 

I've gone from doing no posts in nearly 2 years to doing several in the last couple of days. I used to really enjoy writing so I definitely want to do more of it in 2023.

Today I thought you might like to see all the eyeshadow palettes I used in February and what my favorites are, these types of videos always interest me so I thought why not share with you my video I recently uploaded to Youtube. 


What eyeshadow palettes have you been loving? do you have a favorite I would love to know in the 


Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this post and watch my youtube video, I massively appreciate it 

Love to you all 

Friday 10 March 2023

REACTING To Married At First Sight (MAFS) Australia 2023 - Ep 1 & 2 | IS IT ALL A FIX?

 Hey beauties, 

I'm so excited Married At First Sight Australia (MAFS) Started in the UK on Monday and I have been a fan of this show for the last few years. 

I know I don't usually talk about entertainment on my blog or Youtube channel but it's something different right, most of all it's FUN.

So I thought I would share with you my thoughts on the first 2 episodes that I filmed a video on for my Youtube channel. 

Are you watching MAFS if so what are your thoughts on the couples, I have only watched these 2 episodes so far I'm slightly behind I'm hoping to film episodes 3 & 4 later today. 

Remember these are just my thoughts and opinions and it's only for entertainment purposes only.

one thing I do want to say though is I do get the impression that Jessica isn't even a friend of brontee's and has just gone into the show to stir things up. What do you beauties think? Is it a fix? 

Thank you so much for watching if your not already subscribed to my YouTube Channel I would love for you to join my little family. 

Love to you all 

Thursday 9 March 2023


 Hey beauties

Hope you are all well, it's been a hot minute since I posted on here but I do regularly post on YouTube I would love for you guys to check out my channel and support me over there if you haven't already done so. In the meantime look out for upcoming posts on makeup and lifestyle 

I'm currently doing a project 10 uses on my shop my stash products if you enjoy panning videos and makeup collection videos I would highly recommend you go and check it out and let me know what you think in the comments section either on here or on YouTube.

Do you shop your stash, have a YouTube Channel I would love to check it out if I'm not already subscribed to your channel.

Are you a project panner if so I would love to know what project you are doing in 2023 

Love to you all 

Tuesday 17 August 2021


Tuesday 10 August 2021