Sunday 19 August 2018

Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Armed & Gorgeous Palette First Impressions and Swatches

Hello Beauties,

Today I wanted to talk about the stunning palette from the vault collection that morphe and Jaclyn Hill have collaborated on .
I only got one of the four palettes and the reason for that is because all the other palettes look like eye shadows I have in my collection this armed and gorgeous palette is very unique and just needed to become a part of my make up collection .

I have used this palette twice now so I feel like I can give a first impression and tell you what my thoughts are on this .

How beautiful is this palette with the pops of yellow eye shadows and the dark green on the bottom . I can honestly say I don't think I have a palette like this in my collection .

The Artwork on the front of the packaging and the palette is just as stunning but it's caused so much controversy because it mimics the Becca and Jaclyn Hill highlighter packaging so much I know this myself because I have that palette myself and the design is so similar the only difference is that it says Morphe instead of Becca.

What's everyone's thoughts on this ?  There are all sorts of rumours going around you tube on how Becca are suing Jaclyn Hill because she doesn't own the rights to the digital image that was taken on this palette.

Anyway enough about that lets talk about the beautiful palette and what my thoughts are on this palette .

First of all I will show you the swatches and I have to admit I was surprised at how well the swatches did swatch as everyone was making a big deal on social media on how bad they swatched even Jaclyn hill herself said they don't swatch well they go on the eyelid much better . So I really wasn't expecting them to swatch well at all.

VIP - is the highlight of the palette which I use as a inner corner highlight it's a gorgeous icy white highlight really pretty which is a shimmer.

Access - is one of my favourite matte eyeshadows it's a mustard yellow I use this as a transition eyeshadow  it blends out so well .

Gilt Trip - is a light gold shimmer it's a really beautiful gold but I need to get real here after all that's why your here right ? I like my shimmers to be popping and this was kind of lack lustre I had to keep packing it on the eye lid to get the right amount of pigmentation that I wanted .
I eventually gave up and put some setting spray on and then it became a little more pigmented but even then it wasn't how I would have liked it .

Coin - Coin is another shimmer/metallic eyeshadow now this is a different story altogether this is a beautiful eyeshadow there is no need for setting spray it's just so pigmented from the get go . You don't need to keep packing layer after layer of shadow on to get a decent amount of pigmentation this is what I like my shimmers to be like .

Agent - is a dark brown matte eye shadow I have used this on my lash line and it was really nice and blended out really well.

Top Secret - Top secret is one of the ones that I haven't used yet I have only used this palette twice but I wanted to give a first impressions today and then maybe towards the end of the week when I have used all the shadows I will give an overall review. Top Secret is the Matte Green in the palette and when I did the swatches this was the only one of the shadows that looked patchy as you can see in the photo. I am just hoping that it blends out like the rest of the mattes that I have tried this far.

Smooth Criminal is the darkest brown in the palette and again on the swatch it blended out so well so I don't think I will have any problems when I come to use this eye shadow . I have not used it yet .

Secure is I guess you would call it a mid tone brown and I have used this to deepen out the crease when I use Access which give a really nice pretty look

Prowl - Is a matte red toned brown again I haven't used this eye shadow yet I wanted to try all the yellow based eyeshadows first which is what I got the eyeshadow palette for as I am obsessed with yellow toned eyeshadows at the moment . Prowl swatched fine so again I don't think there will be any issues with this eyeshadow. Prowl is really nice for the lash line and to deepen the outer v .

Classified - Classified is the last shimmer in the eyeshadow palette and along with Gilt Trip, Classified was very disappointing I think more so then Gilt Trip as not only was classified not pigmented but the eye shadow was really chunky .

With this eyeshadow palette you get 4 shimmers which I only really like the consistency of 2 of them which are VIP and Coin I just wish Morphe and Jaclyn Hill could have got the formula right on Gilt Trip and Classified then it would have been an amazing palette .

The mattes that I have tried I really like as I said earlier they blend really well but I have only tried 3 out of the 6 matte eyeshadows in this palette so fingers crossed that the other matte eyeshadows will be just as good .

I am going to show a few pictures that I took of me wearing the shadows

These was taken yesterday when I wore Access as the transition shade and I think I wore Agent to deepen it out a bit and then I put coin all over my eyelids,
Just look how pigmented coin is and look at the next pictures that I took today of the other shimmers from the palette

I just feel like there is little to no pigmentation with Gilt Trip I know it's a very light gold but even so I was hoping for more pigment and Agent is a dark bronze and it just looks so chunky in the centre of my eye lid .

I would love to know everyone else's opinions on this palette if you have it ?

what do you think of the vault collection has anyone picked up the whole collection up ?

Thanks for reading as always means so much to me I'm back on you tube now making regular videos or trying to at least . I would love for you to support me over there and become a part of my you tube family .