Wednesday 20 May 2020


Hello lovelies,

Hope your all well and staying safe .

Today I thought I would talk to you about my hospital appointment  on Monday I have recently found a lump on the back of my neck which originally was quite small and over the last 2 weeks it gradually got worse the back of my neck started swelling up to more then double it's size.

 I was due to go to the hospital to see my haemotologist at the hospital for a follow up appointment last year I was being tested for leukeamia luckily all my test results came back normal .

So the appointment was only ever supposed to be a follow up appointment to the last appointment that I had 6 months ago .

The appointment was supposed to be a telephone consultation until I spoke to my  consultants secretary who spoke to my consultant and said that he needed me to go into the hospital so that my consultant could check the lump .

I honestly didn't want to go I hadn't been on public transport  for 9-10 weeks and I have to take 4 buses to get to the hospital and back my anxiety was playing up so much before I even got to the hospital .

Once I got to the hospital I got their early so I thought I would get my blood tests done before I saw my consultant I hate needles so maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to do maybe I should have gone to see my consultant first then go to get my blood tests done .

I then had to walk down to the bottom of the hospital and the cancer clinic was in the basement at the far end of the hospital .

Once I got to the clinic as you would expect their was a nurse taking everyone's temperature and I had been very anxious on top of that I had a long walk down to the cancer clinic by the time I got their I did feel a bit hotter then normal .

If you suffer with anxiety you will know that when your anxious you get even hotter and your temperature rises .

Once the nurse took my temperature it was 39 degrees which normally indicates an infection of some kind and with the pandemic it's only natural that they would put it down to COVID-19
so she gave me a mask and ushered me into an isolation room which was just awful my anxiety was getting worse being in that room it felt like the room was closing in on me .

After I had been in the isolation room about 15 minutes the haemotology nurse came in to check my temperature it was still really high it hadn't gone down which is a worrying factor for them the consultant came in not long after that and said because I have a high temperature they just couldn't let me in the waiting room as the waiting room is full of patients that are really ill which is completely understandable .

If I would have had any symptoms I wouldn't have even been in that hospital but I've had zero symptoms of having COVID-19 which I know can take awhile to develop .

My consultant said I would need to self isolate for the next 14 days and if I get any of the other symptoms then I would need to ring 111 without delay and get some medical advice .

I was very nervous at the mention of COVID-19 I just panicked but i'm trying to stay positive just because I have a high temperature it doesn't mean I have the virus .

I got scared because I am my mums carer I don't think I have ever spoke about this on the blog but my mum was really ill a couple of years ago and needed someone to take care of her when she came home she's a lot better now thankfully but I have had to go to my mums to do her tablets and even though I have been social distancing when I was at my mums just the thought that I had this virus and could have passed it onto her is just heart breaking .

I've been monitoring my temperature and it's actually below normal 35 degrees I am still going to continue to self isolate just to make sure that I don't have COVID-19 .

I spoke to the nurse about doing my mums tablets she asked if their was anyone else that could do my mums tablets and her shopping etc and although their are other family members none of them know how to do her medication she's on that many tablets so she said go to your mums wash your hands as soon as you go in do her tablets and then wash your hands and go home don't hug or kiss her which I haven't been doing .

Today is day 3 of self isolation of which i'm hoping it's just a precaution .

I will be checking in again in a few days and letting you know how i'm doing

Thanks for reading as always

         Stay Safe