Wednesday 15 April 2020

My Top Five From Wet N Wild With Swatches

Hello lovelies

Hope you are all well and are staying safe

Today I thought I would talk about my top five products from wet n wild that I have tried and give you my thoughts .

I know there is a lot of controversy around wet n wild make up I have had all but one of these products since the controversy began .

Ok so we will start in order that I apply the product to the face for the longest time I put off buying the Wet n Wild foundation purely for the smell, it smells like paint stripper but it's a gorgeous foundation and looks flawless on the skin .

In the foundation I am in the shade soft ivory which I believe is one of the lightest shades if not the lightest shade that you can buy in this foundation .

I'm not a big fan off the spatula that you get with the foundation but I would rather have that then no pump like a lot of drugstore foundations do .

Wet n Wild have now brought the Photofocus Dewy Foundation out that I would love to try but it's not available to buy in the UK yet.

My personal preference for foundation is definitely a dewy foundation over a matte foundation I love how glowy a dewy foundation looks on your skin .

The same with the Wet n Wild Photofocus Pressed Powder I put off buying the powder for so long and i'm not even sure why as I had heard great reviews on this powder .

I use the shade Neutral Beige i'm unsure if this is the lightest shade but it was definitely the lightest shade in my local boots where I bought it from at the time .

When I first bought the Wet n Wild Photofocus Pressed Powder I have to admit I wasn't a fan after a few uses it seemed to get hard pan I scraped the top layer of where the hard pan was and it's never performed better  .

The powder is silky smooth and is definitely one of my best pressed powders in my collection if not the best .

Next up is a new product to my collection it's the Hello Halo Blushlighter I have the shade Highlight Bling  this is absolutely stunning 2 of my favourite things a nice glowy blush and a gorgeous beaming highlighter .

Wet n Wild  also do 2 other shades in this collection and I wouldn't think twice about picking more up in  the future

Isn't it just beautiful if your looking for a beaming blush and highlighter combo from the drugstore then look no further this is stunning . 

I love the pattern on the blushlighter also, I've not tried any of the other highlighters from wet n wild so I have nothing to compare the formula too if it's the same or not all I know is I love this one and I have been wearing it consistently for the last 2 weeks . 

Here are swatches of the beautiful duo 

If you have Fair to Light skin this will look gorgeous on you and for all you other ladies with deeper skint tones their are 2 other blushlighters in the wet n wild collection 

Now onto the lipsticks from wet n wild I have a few in my collection lipstick was the first thing I ever tried from wet n wild

I was watching Kathleen Lights On You Tube and she was doing a lip swatch video on all the Wet n wild lipsticks that she had in her collection and one particular shade caught my attention and that was Purty Persimmon it's a gorgeous Orange Red at the time the UK didn't do wet n wild products so I had to pay well over the odds from amazon but it was worth every penny it's such a beautiful lipstick .

 Here is  Purty Persimmon how stunning is that orange toned red lipstick it's just perfect for spring and summer …. I just love it . 

The other lipstick I have in my collection is one that I bought more recently I would say in the last year . I was in my local boots when I saw it and I just thought the shade was stunning a gorgeous rose pink nude lipstick looks absolutely stunning and that's in the shade Wine Room

This is the more nude lipstick out of the 2 lipsticks stunning for everyday wear  

Here are some swatches of the lipsticks 

Purty Persimmon is on the left and Wine Room is on the right these 2 lipsticks have to be my favourite 2 lipsticks from my wet n wild lipstick collection and would definitely be in my top 10 drugstore lipstick collection if I was too rank them (that may be an idea for a future post ) what do you all think ? 

Finally I took a photo yesterday of me wearing all the products so you can see what they look like on the skin . 

I just love how glowy and dewy the skin looks I feel like it looks flawless the lipstick I have on in this photo is Wine Room .

What I love about the wet n wild lipsticks is that they are matte lipsticks but their a comfortable matte they don't dry your lips out like other matte formula's I have tried and they wear really well through drinking and eating this particular shade after eating and drinking wears off and it looks like you have a tinted lip balm on your lips which I like . 

The  eyeshadows aren't by wet n wild they are by Revolution which is another one of my favourite drugstore brands .

 we will be talking about the eyeshadow palette that I used very soon . I've not tried any of the wet n wild eyeshadow palettes . 

Thanks for reading lovelies 

Stay safe