Friday 17 August 2018

3 Days I Will Never Get Back Again ......

Hello Beauties,

Today's post is another one of those health posts that I do once in awhile last Sunday I started feeling really ill.
I suffer with my asthma normally though it's under control and I don't normally have problems with it .

Anyway I went to see my doctor on Monday and he thought It might be bad because I had got a viral infection and it had turned into a chest infection so he prescribed me with steroids which I was happy with as it meant I could go into work the next day.

No such luck unfortunately during the early hours of Tuesday morning I woke up with a high temperature and the shivers and was sick 5 times so I went back to see my doctor on Tuesday and he was concerned and sent me to the hospital A&E I was there for absolutely ages doing test after test .

Not only did I have a really bad chest infection I was severely dehydrated and I had glandular fever no wonder I had been feeling drained for ages . I have been trying to put it to the back of my mind though as my mum has been really ill and I have been caring for so I couldn't really afford to be sick .

Unfortunately your health doesn't quite work out like that like the doctors say you should never mess with your health . Not only that though if i'm not healthy how on earth am I supposed to care for my mum .

Whilst I was in A&E they just told me to drink plenty of fluids and thought they would be able to send me home but my test results just got worse they didn't get any better so they had to admit me I had absolutely nothing with me because I didn't think I would be staying over night much less for 3 days .

I literally have never felt so ill excuse the lack of make-up and the state of my hair.

When I was in A&E I had to have a canular put in it was so difficult they couldn't find my vein so I had to see a specialist who had to bring his scanner to scan where my veins were and find a good vein to put the canular in that was after they tried 6 times anyway eventually they managed to find a good vein and get the canular in .

I hate needles and Canulars are even worse but necessary for fluids and the anti-biotics that I was put on while I was in the hospital .

Every time I moved my arm it started to bleed and I could feel the needle under my skin it was horrible thanks heavens I only had to have this in for 3 days .

I can honestly say I have never had to be on fluids for dehydration and strong anti-biotics to get rid of the infection .

Who knew that a combination of asthma and glandular fever would make me feel so sick the fluid bags were on for 8 hours at a time to keep me rehydrated and I had 4 of these on while I was in the hospital .

These things can be a right nuisance I felt like I needed the toilet every half hour so I had to unplug it then it would bleep like crazy at me then when I got back to my bed I would have to plug it back in and it would bleep even more so the nurses would have to come and sort out and take the medication of hold so it would go through the drip ok .

I was allowed to come home late yesterday night I have a few follow up appointments that are coming up but the main thing is that I am out of the hospital and can recover at home .

I would much prefer to do that then be in a hospital bed in a ward with people that I don't know .

So the lesson here is never mess with your health go to your doctor as soon as possible .

As always thanks for reading ….