Tuesday 16 May 2017

L'OREAL Hydra Genius Aloe Water The Liquid Care Moisturiser Review

Hello Beautie's I got this little sample in a magazine it was in glamour I think a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to give it a go for review purposes for the blog.

I thought this looked like a really interesting product to try as it was more of a gel water based formula I thought it may be like the Neutrogena Hydra Boost but this L'OREAL Hydra Genius Aloe Water is so much better .

I wouldn't normally do a first impressions review of a sample that I had used in a magazine as I like to use a skincare product for at least a couple of weeks before I give you my thoughts but I loved this instantly and went out and bought the full size version today from boots which is currently on sale for £6.65 it's normally £9.99 but even at full size I would definitely pay the £9.99 in my opinion it's definitely worth it.

This is the full size version that I bought today you get a lot of product for your money you get 70ML and it will definitely last you a very long time so it was worth it .

When I first started to use this product I didn't expect to love it so much it's an amazing moisturiser so light on your skin as it that gel consistency and the aloe water makes your skin feel so refreshed and hydrated . I just love the feeling of my skin when I use this and it's good as a night moisturiser as well as a day moisturiser as it moisturises and hydrates your skin for 72 hours. Pretty impressive huh?

It says on the pack that I got today it leaves your skin feeling fresh I can definitely vouch for that and leaves the skin glowing I haven't really noticed that yet . I have only used this moisturiser 3 times though that is all the sample would allow which is plenty to know if you are going to like a product.

If you have this months glamour magazine or any other with this sample in I would definitely recommend that you sample this product and let me know your thoughts on it I am just blown away and that has never happened before to me by a drug store skin care brand .

On average our skin loses 20% of it's water and can be left feeling dehydrated and dull.

L'OREAL claims that their Hydra Genius Aloe Water does the following -

INSTANTLY REFRESHES  immediately absorbed the water-like texture rehydrates and reinvigorates the skin.
I can definitely confirm that the skin does feel instantly refreshed after using this product I was amazed at just how hydrated it did make my skin feel . I am using Clinique moisture surge intense at the moment which cost more then triple the price and after just 3 uses of the L'OREAL Hydra Genius  I am loving this one more.

INSTANTLY LOCKS IN MOISTURE  - The formula penetrates deeply for a healthy looking glow - like I said earlier I haven't noticed any glow but I have only used it 3 times I will keep you updated about that.

72HR Recharge - It releases continuous hydration and drenches the skin with moisture for up to 72 hours .

A UNIQUE WATER LIKE TEXTURE - The liquid care feels weightless and fresh it glides onto the skin spreading itself quickly and evenly targeting dehydrated areas of the face . ( it definitely feels weightless and fresh )

A SENSORIAL EXPERIENCE - This liquid texture bursts and melts upon contact with the skin . The silky smooth formula is immediately absorbed for intense comfort .

The Liquid Care - it's as fresh as water hydrating as cream this cream is inspired by Asian skincare L'OREAL Paris Laboratories introduces THE  LIQUID CARE it delivers pure moisture that penetrates quickly deeply and continuously - without overloading the skin.


1. PURE ALOE VERA SAP - renowned for it's moisturising properties and rich in essential minerals, aloe vera helps maintain skin's water reserve .

2. HYALURONIC ACID - found naturally in the skin . Hyaluronic acid is a powerful active ingredient which can hold 1,000 time it's weight in water .

TEXTURE - lightweight fresh and fluid non greasy non sticky to be used in the morning and evening as you would any other moisturiser . This is to be used instead of your normal daily moisturiser .

INSTANT AND LASTING VISIBLE RESULTS IMMEDIATELY - skin feels fresher, softer and more supple .

USE AFTER USE - Skin is penetrated with intense and long lasting hydration for more glowing skin .