Tuesday 17 January 2017

How Much Is My Face Tag.

Hello Beauties,

I was reading The Glam Surge blog last night and I saw she had done the How Much Is My Face Tag and thought this might be a fun tag to do. The Glam Surge has a gorgeous blog if you haven't already checked her blog this is her link to her blog http://www.theglamsurge.com/

These are the products that I have been using for the last few days so I thought what better time to do this tag there is a mixture of high end and drug store products.




                                                                  Japonesque Radiance Primer £24
                                                                  Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum £9.99

                                                                   The Balm, Balm Apetit Palette £18

                                                                      Benefit Rockateur Blusher £23.50
                                                                            MAC Paint Pot £16

                                                                           Revolution Eye Liner £3.50
                                                                    Avon Super Shock Gel Eye Liner £5
                                                                                 Benefit Hoola Bronzer £10
                                                           Laura Mercier Brightening Powder Shade 2 £16.99
                                               Too Faced Candle Light Rosy Glow Highlight ( part of a set ) £22

                                                             Benefit Defined and Refined Brow Kit £28.50

                                                                                     Total £197.76

I was shocked when I learnt the total of my face because even though it isn't as much as what I have seen other bloggers and beauty gurus it's still a lot and if this is just a few products then I am wondering what the cost of my entire make up collection has cost .

This post has been educational for me and even though the make up that I wore will last me for quite awhile it's still nearly £200 on my face seems like an awful lot doesn't it ?

Doing this tag has made me realise I should go on a Make Up Spending ban for a few moths I don't need anymore make up I got a lot of new products for Christmas and my birthday is in 3 weeks so I won't need to buy anything for awhile.

Have you done this tag ?