Sunday 29 January 2017

BH Cosmetics Marble Collection Warm Palette Review

Hello Beauties,

I got this palette a few weeks after Christmas in the BH Cosmetics Sale this was $8 in the sale plus Shipping I think it worked out at £14 luckily I didn't have to pay any Customs Fee's I think it was because it was less than £20.

 I love the packaging of this palette it looks like a luxury product with the Marble Packaging and Gold Writing it's so beautiful.

 I am such a warm neutral eye shadow person I just love those shades I barely wear any coloured eye shadows but I am trying to experiment eye shadow palettes like this are definitely more my style.
The only thing I don't like about this palette is the fact that the eye shadows don't have any names on them I think attention to detail like that makes a palette.

I can't complain though as the Eye Shadow Palette makes up for it in other ways like the Marble Effect Packaging and it was an affordable palette.

The Shadows in this Palette are some of the best that I have tried for the Price Point they are just so creamy and buttery and the matte shadows blend out so well even the Darker Shades normally Dark Mattes especially Dark Brown & Blacks they can appear Patchy.

Lets go through the shades of the shadows....

Top Row

Firstly is a gorgeous Golden White Gold Shade which makes a really nice Inner Corner and Cheek Highlight as well as an Eye Shadow this Shadow is a Shimmer.

Next is a gorgeous Peach Shadow with Golden Undertones it really reminds me of Nars Orgasm it's nice to have a similar colour in a Shadow this is a Shimmer.

The Third Shadow in the Palette is a gorgeous Matte Brown perfect for the Crease as a Transition Colour.

The last Shadow in the First Row is a darker Matte Brown with Red Undertones almost a Brick Red which is a gorgeous Matte Shadow

Middle Row

The First Shade in the Middle Row is a gorgeous creamy Grey/Brown Matte Shadow this Shadow seemed to Blend out a lot easier then the other Mattes it was Effortless.

Next is a Mauve Shimmer it's a mix of a Lilac and Silver Eye Shadow so very pretty I really love this Shadow

Then we have a really gorgeous Dark Matte Brown it's a really good Shadow for Outer V and Lash Line.

The last shadow in the Middle Row is a Dark Matte Brown/Black another great Shadow for the Lash Line.

Bottom Row

The only Shadow in this Palette I haven't used is this Pink Shadow I don't really use Pink Shadows and this one is unlike any Shadows in the Palette it's a Shimmer but it's not as smooth as the other Shimmer in this Palette it's really Chalky which is really off putting.

Next is another Matte Light Brown that makes a really nice Transition Shade I use this to Blend Out any Harsh Lines.

The next 2 Shadows are gorgeous Shimmer Eye Shadows there both gorgeous Bronze Eyeshadows the third one is slightly lighter then the last one in the palette both look gorgeous on the eyes especially if you have Blue or Green Eyes.

The only shadow that I won't be using in this palette is the Pink Shadow which I don't think is to bad you get 12 Shades and I love 11 of these Shadows this palette I am happy to say is worth every penny and I highly recommend it .

It's better then some of the Higher End Palettes that I have used I'm definitely going to Continue to use this Palette I am really impressed with the Quality of it .