Monday 7 November 2016

H&M Nail Polish Shade Jewel Beetle - First Impressions

Hello beauties,

In today's post I thought I would talk about this beautiful Nail Polish in the Shade Jewel Beetle from H&M.

I haven't spoken about any Nail Polish in a long time I thought I would give this one a mention and show it some Love.

I've not tried a lot of Nail Polish from H&M just a few of the little mini nail polish they bring out at Christmas.

They had a huge Collection of Shades In the Manchester H&M and when I saw this Shade Jewel Beetle I just had to get it I don't have a Nail Polish like this in my Collection it's a Bronze Duo Chrome Nail Polish with Glitter running through it So Pretty

In certain light it looks Copper and then it looks like it's got the Colour Khaki running through it with a little bit of glitter thrown in for good measure such a Pretty Nail Polish I know I have said that already :)

I just had to share this Nail Polish with you all it's a First Impressions on what I think of it  I will also be doing an updated post probably at the Weekend to give you an idea how long these Nail Polish stay on for .

You get 8ML of Product in this Nail Polish which is slightly less then most other Nail Polish you normally get 10ML of Product that doesn't bother me though as I think it was only £2.99 which is slightly Cheaper then the other Nail Polishes out there and I just loved the Shade so I had to pick it up.

Have you tried H&M Nail Polish If so what shade is your favourite? Do you have any recommendations ?