Sunday 12 June 2016

First impression on the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

Hello Lovelies,

I heard quite a few people mention this Brow Pencil from Benefit and it was a Free Gift in Elle Magazine. 

I wanted to see what the big deal is so I thought I would treat myself to the Magazine  

 So this is the Benefit Goof Brow Pencil. 

This is a very new product to me I've actually only used it twice yesterday and today but wanted to do a First Impressions blog post on it because I'm really impressed with the product so far.

I've not really tried a lot of products from Benefit and there is quite a bit of Hype around this product.

I prefer Brow Pencils and Brow Gels  over Brow Powders. 

This product is a really good one it's very easy to use. Great for making your Brows look Fuller. 

It's so easy to use as well which I like the Brow Pencil is in the shade 02 the only thing is by getting the Brow Pencil from Elle Magazine you don't get a choice in the Shade.

Normally I think the shade 02 would be too Dark for me but I've recently had my Brows done at Benefit so there pretty dark at the minute so this is the perfect shade for me. 

I think if my Brows hadn't of been Tinted I would definitely have to get Shade 01 

The RRP of this Product is £18.50 so it was worth buying Elle Magazine for that reason and I think this is a fairly new product that Benefit have brought out Boots have completely Sold Out

So what are your thoughts have you managed to get your hands on this product yet? 
If so what are your thoughts and first impressions ?