Tuesday 18 August 2015

This Or That Tag - Beauty Edition

Hello Lovelies,

Today I felt like doing another Tag I love doing Tags as the Readers of my Blog get to know me a little bit more.

I found this Tag on a new blog that I have been reading missjoyweebly.com If you would like to check out her answers that is her link.
It really is a nice blog....

So lets get started with the This Or That Tag I hope you enjoy reading my Answers.

Questions - 


Question 1 - Blusher Or Bronzer? 
I do use them both but I could get by without my Bronzer I love my Blusher so I would have to say that.

Question 2 - Lipstick Or Lipgloss? 
Again I use them both but at the moment I use Lipsticks more than Lipgloss.

Question 3- Eyeliner Or Mascara? 
Oh this is such a tough one as I love both of these Products so much but I would have to say my Supershock Gel eyeliner if I could only choose 1 item. 

Question 4 - Foundation Or Concealer? 
Definitely would have to be Foundation I could get by without my Concealer.

Question 5 - Neutral Or Colour Eyeshadow? 
I am definitely a Neutral eye shadow kind of girl I don't really wear a lot of Bright Coloured eye shadows. 

Question 6 - Pressed or Loose Eye shadows? 
I like Pressed Eye shadow, loose eyes hadow gets everywhere it's more messy.

Question 7 - Brushes or Sponges? 
Definitely prefer to use Brushes over Sponges. 

Nails -

Question 8 - Opi Or China Glaze? 

Question 9 - Long or Short? 
I like Short Manicured Nails but not too Short. 

Question 10 - Acrylic Or Natural? 
I prefer Natural Nails 

Question 11- Brights Or Darks? 
This is such a hard question for me as I love Nail Polish and I love all Nail Polish at the moment I am wearing Pastel Shades a lot which it does not give a preference for here. If the Brights are Neon Shades I am not too bothered about them so I will say Darks. 

Question 12 - Flower Or No Flower? 
I do like Nail Art especially on my Ring Finger so yes I'll say to Flower. 


Question 13 - Perfume Or BodySpray? 
Another difficult question for me to answer as I wear both these but I do prefer Perfume over Bodyspray. 

Question 14 - Lotion Or Body Butter? 
Definitely Body Butter especially the Cocoa Butter from The Body Shop it's so Conditioning. 

Question 15- Bodywash Or Soap? 
Definitely Bodywash I don't really like to use Soap. 

Question 16- Lush Or Other Bath Company? 
Definitely Lush, Lush is AMAZING....

Fashion - 

Question 17 - Jeans Or Sweatpants? 
I would have to say Jeans/Jeggings they are so Comfy I am always in them when I wear Casual wear. 

Question 18 - Long Or Short Sleeves? 
Short Sleeves even though I don't really have a Preference. 

Question 19 - Dresses Or Skirts? 
I wear more Dresses then I do Skirts. 

Question 20 - Stripes Or Plaid? 
I prefer Plaid over Stripes. 

Question 21 - Flipflops Or Sandals? 
Definitely Sandals I have got some nice ones this Summer with really nice Jewels on them and Sandals are so much more Comfier. 

Question 22 - Scarves Or Hats? 
Another tricky question as I love both Scarves and Hats but I love Wearing Hats so I choose Hats. 

Question 23- Studs Or Dangly Earrings? 
I only wear Earrings when I go out and they are always Dangly ones I don't even think I own any Studs. 

Question 24- Necklace Or Bracelets? 
There really is no Competition here it's NECKLACES I love STATEMENT NECKLACES so much and thank goodness for PRIMARK as they sell them so CHEAP!!!!

Question 25- Jackets Or Hoodies? 
I love my Leather Look Biker Jacket that I got for Christmas last year that is my Favourite Jacket. 


Question 26 - Curly Or Straight? 
My hair is Naturally Curly and like all Girls who have Naturally Curly Hair I hate it with a Passion I've not had it Curly now in 7 or 8 Years. 
The only time it's Curly is when I get out of the shower so the answer is Straight...

Question 27- Bun Or Ponytail? 
Well I have not long since had my Hair cut for the Summer as it's quite Thick and I hate it when it sticks to the back of my Neck. 
When my Hair was Longer I used to wear it in a Bun all the time now I can barely get it in a Low Ponytail so Ponytail it is then.

Question 28- Bobby Pins Or Butterfly Clip? 
Bobby Pins.

Question 29 - Hair Spray Or Hair Gel? 
Hairspray I don't think in all my 37 Years on this Planet I have ever used Hair Gel :-)

Question 30 - Long Or Short Hair? 
Short Hair when I say Short I mean Shoulder Length for the Summer and in the Winter I grow it out and have it a bit Longer. 

Question 31 - Light Or Dark? 

Question 32- Side Sweep Or Full On Bangs (Fringe)
I have had a Fringe In the past which I am trying to grow out so I guess it's Side Sweep. 

Question 33 - Up or Down? 
Down most of the time.

Random Questions- 

Question 34- Rain Or Shine? 
Sunshine although it's nice to hear Rain late at night when your in bed drifting off to sleep and you can hear Rain against your Window there is something Relaxing about that. 

Question 35- Summer Or Winter? 
Summer because you can wear shorts and vest tops and nice Summer dresses if it's nice even though we don't get that many nice sunny days in the UK. All the more reason to take advantage of the Summer we do get. 

Question 36- Autumn Or Spring? 
I love, love, love Autumn it's such a Beautiful time of year isn't it? I love Photography you will know this if you have been following my blog and Autumn has to be one of the best Seasons if not the best Season to take Photographs in all the Leaves of the Trees have turned Golden and they are on the floor . I got some AMAZING Photos Last year. 

Question 37- Chocolate Or Vanilla? 
I am a bit of a Chocaholic so definitely Chocolate I don't like Vanilla. 

So that is the end of the questions I hope you enjoyed reading my answers and thanks again to missjoyweebly.com for putting this Fun Tag together. 

I really enjoyed answering these questions why not do the tag for yourself and If you do It leave a comment down below and I'll check your answers out. 

Thanks for reading means so much....