Monday 10 August 2015

Leopard Print & Aztec Print Mini Skirt & Rust Vest Top PRIMARK

Hello Lovelies,

Today I thought I would talk to you about this outfit that I picked up at Primark literally for next to nothing.

Here is what it looks like....

 I am absolutely in Love with this Skirt from Primark it was on the Sale Rack I think it said for £3 which i thought was a great price for a Skirt. 
I don't have any Skirts so I thought this would be nice for any Sunny Weather that we get with a nice Vest Top. 

I love that It's not the Boring Brown Leopard Print had the Skirt been like that I wouldn't have bought it it's too Bet Gilroy from Coronation Street for me :-). 
This skirt though I just love all the Colours in it and then the Aztec Print at the Top and Bottom of the Skirt it just makes it look so Different from anything I have ever owned.
The one negative of this Skirt and it really is just me Picking at this Point is that it's very Short I didn't realise how Short. 

I've not worn a Skirt this Short in quite awhile now but it's not a big deal.
I think in the Summer everyone wears short skirts don't they?
in the Winter when it starts getting a bit colder I will be able to wear the Skirt with Tights....

 I love this nice Rust Coloured Vest from Primark aswell this wasn't on Sale it cost £2.30 but I thought the Colour would look really nice with the Skirt and I think it really Compliments the colours in the Skirt really well.
The price point of the Vest Tops aren't too bad but they did used to be a lot Cheaper I can remember buying some Vest tops from Primark a few years ago for £1.80 now the Strappy Vests are £1.80 but these Slouchy Vest Tops are £2.30. 
I have looked around and they are this Price point in most shops now the likes of Select, H&M and New look do a offer where you can buy 2 vest tops for £5 so Primark is still a little bit Cheaper if you buy 2 of these Slouchy Vest Tops it will only cost £4.60. 
Just look how nice these Colours look together I'm so glad I bought them now I might not get that much wear out of the Vest top for the rest of this Summer but I can put it away for Next Summer. 
I really struggled this Summer I had Zero Clothes for the Summer so I had to buy a few Pieces as we have had a few Hot days so far.
I really feel I got a Bargain with the Skirt as it had a £3 Label on it and I only paid £1 can you believe that Primark practically gave it away.
I think the Skirt originally cost £8....

These are the shoes that I wore with this outfit....

I didn't buy these Sandals at the same time as I bought the Skirt and Vest Top I saw them about 5 or 6 weeks earlier in the Sales at Primark yet again :-). 
Primark is my most Favourite to place to Shop especially when they have Sales on their Sales have been so good this Summer. 

I loved these Sandals as soon as I saw then with the Snakeskin Print they reminded me of something that I saw in Debenhams but the ones that I saw were so unaffordble to me I think they were about £45 also I don't think they were as nice as these are from Primark and the ones from Debenhams was leather I don't tend to buy leather as I strongly believe that Animals shouldn't have to suffer so that we can look good but that is just my opinion. 

So when I so these in Primark I was really Happy as I didn't have any Summer Sandals and they were an exact duplicate of the ones I'd been looking at.
When I saw these I didn't realise they were on Sale I think the label said they were £6 which was a Good Price considering the other ones at Debenhams where £45. 
I took them to the Till at Primark and they had gone down to £2 another Bargain I had picked up in Primark's Summer Sales. 

I think these shoes look really nice with the Leopard Print Skirt I bought and they also look Lovely with Skinny Jeans or Jeggings.

I love the way the Sandals cross over at the front and have the 2 buckle detail it gives them an edge. 

It's not the most flattering photo of me but I wanted to show you what the Outfit looked like on :-)

Did you manage to pick any Summer bargain's up from primark's summer sales?