Thursday 11 June 2015

New Blog Design And The Story Behind It

Hello Lovelies, 

Hope you are all well

If you have been following me on twitter and following my other blog on wordpress. you will know by now that I have gone back to my original blogger account which is this one. 

I wanted my blog to look more professional I was getting sick of the template on wordpress it looked so bland and If I had my way I would have stayed with wordpress but just got a new template which I did look into. 

With the premade blogs from the etsy store you need to have a self hosted website if your on wordpress. 
 I didn't have that so this was the first thing I looked into I looked into Hostgator and a few others but they all wanted the first years payment up front with a credit card which I don't have. So I decided to go back to blogger I didn't realise it at the time but the blogger templates were a lot cheaper.

 My template is from Blogaholic Designs   I love this template it's called the Amber Blog Template Design  it was less than £10.00 from Etsy which I think is great value it just looks more professional than my old template and with this template you get all the social icons that you will need which are really easy to add to your blog. 

If your like me and not that great with technology I would recommend you check out the Blogaholic Designs Website If you buy one of their templates they send you the files that you need to download but with the downloads are videos that explain how to change your template on blogger and add the social media icons. 

I have done a blog post on Blogaholic Designs recently they have free templates and blog buttons that you can download before you make a decision to purchase something which I think is great.

Here is the link for Blogaholic Designs The free templates I have a couple of their freebies on my blog

When I changed my blog back to blogger that really was the easiest part before I decided to do this I spoke to bloglovin about bringing my followers over from wordpress to bloglovin and they said it wouldn't be an issue they would do that for me all I had to do send them the link when I was ready. 
So I decided to go ahead and go back to blogger I bought the template and then transferred all my posts from my original blog which took forever. 

Once I had got my blog the way I liked it I emailed bloglovin and asked them to transfer my followers from wordpress to blogger and It didn't happen for nearly two weeks by this point I had sent them 4 or 5 emails and no one got back to me so I thought this wasn't going to happen so I had to look on my old blog and find out who was following that blog and follow them from my new blog. 

I also tweeted about it and asked if my original followers would follow my new blog as I didn't want to lose contact with any of them. 
About a week later bloglovin sent me an email saying that they had transferred all my followers to my new bloglovin account which I really appreciated. 

Seems like I have had nothing but trouble with blogger though the other day I was looking through my posts and noticed that all my photos were missing it was like the links were broken. 

At first I thought it might be down to the template as I looked on the blogger forum and it said that this could be an issue with the template so I emailed Emily at Bloglovin who was really lovely she looked into my blog and said that it wasn't a template issue but it looked like it was an issue with Picasa. 

If you don't know when you use blogger your photos get stored to Picasa  Emily said that if your photos have been deleted then that will be the reason for the links being broken so I looked into this and surely enough there was some photos that had been deleted which was very strange as I don't recall deleting them. 

I tried to see if there was a way that I could get my photos back and just put them in my posts unfortunately there wasn't so I had to delete my posts from this new blog. 
I will be updating it will just take time all the blog posts are still on bloglovin but when you click on the link it says that page doesn't exist because I deleted the posts from my blog. 
Hopefully I won't have anymore issues with my new blog design.
I won't change my new blog for anything I am really happy with it. 

I also recently got these really cute illustrations from the etsy store the shop owner is called  Shawnna and her shop is Lovelytocu on etsy.
 I love them but I want to get more of a custom made one that looks more like me but for now this will do. 

Here is my new blog design if you haven't seen it already. 

***DISCLAIMER*** This post is not sponsored I decided to do it of my own accord to let all my readers know where I got my template from.