Friday 12 June 2015

A Day Out At The Marina Preston Docks

Hello Lovelies, 

Hope you are all well....

On Wednesday it was such a lovely day I decided to go to the Marina which is only a few miles from where I live on Preston Docks. 
I had gone there with college the previous week but the photos didn't turn out that well as there was a lot of clouds in the sky. 
The sky was really blue and clear so I decided to try and take some more photo. 

Here are the photos I took...

 When I first went back to the Marina I couldn't believe I hadn't been back sooner as it really is beautiful here with the boats and the seagulls and ducks. I have always liked to be by the water and just find it so serene and peaceful. I will probably come back a few more times over the summer as I said earlier It really isn't that far away from where I live. 

 Here are a few of the boats that where docked on the Marina I would have loved to have sat on one of them and just watched the world go by. Every trip I go on I have been on  a boat ride the last one that I went on was a disaster though that was in Santorini, Greece there is a funny story behind that so I will tell you all about that in an upcoming post. 

 I really don't know what it is about ducks but I love to just watch them swim and get their food someone was throwing bread into the water and all the ducks came over . They just look so content with their life just swimming and eating if only life was that simple for us humans hey. 
 I took this photo because I liked the fact that you could see the birds shadow I don't particular like this seagull but I do like the fact that you can see it's shadow in the sun I think that's really cool. 
 Like with the ducks watching birds fly is so peaceful to watch like they have no worries and they have the freedom to come and go whenever they like it's just so lovely to watch.

 This photo is probably one of my favourites because it's the most clearest you can see it's features more then any of the other photos. 
 I also really like this photo I actually forgot about this one. It's only very recently I have gotten into taking photos of wildlife .

I love this photo of this lighthouse this wasn't actually on the marina it was further down the road. 
I was only at the Marina for about an hour and a half and got so many photos these are probably some of the best ones.