Sunday 21 October 2018

Deck Of Scarlet X Raven Elyse Collaboration Pallete 10

Hello Beauties,

Hope you all have had a great weekend my weekend was spent watching the x-factor live shows , my mum took me out for lunch yesterday to the pub which was lovely and today i'm going to my mums for Sunday lunch which I am looking forward too .

So lets talk about the new Deck of Scarlet collaboration with you tuber Raven Elyse like all the other collaborations that Deck of Scarlet have done I had never heard of Raven Elyse since I got this palette I have signed up to her you tube channel.

Raven Elyse does vlogs and make up videos and to be honest I've only watched 1 or 2 of her make up videos but enjoyed watching them  she has a huge following of 950K followers so no wonder Deck of Scarlet wanted to collaborate with her she's very popular in the you tube community .

Lets get into my thoughts on the Deck of Scarlet and Raven Elyse Collaboration I have done a couple of looks using this palette which I will show you

I created this lovely bronze smoky eye look the first time I used this eye and face palette really like how it turned out . 

I used the ivory shade called vibes all over the eyelid as a base eyeshadow then used bomb in the outer corner and onto the crease of the eyelid and blended out and used the gorgeous metallic eyeshadow in the palette Ziya it's a rust copper eyeshadow . 

I think Deck and Scarlet and Raven Elyse have done such an amazing job in choosing these eyeshadows . 

The blusher in this palette is too dark for me but I can make it work just by using the tiniest amount with my fair complexion I prefer to use lighter blushers like peach blushers I feel like they suit me better and to be fair Raven Elyse collaborated this palette for people with darker skin tones like herself . 

I think the blusher would suit medium to dark skin tones I can use this blusher as a blush but also it works really well as another eyeshadow in the palette. I tried using the blusher as a eyeshadow in the second look and I really liked it . 

I used the darker lipstick for this look in the palette which is called Rant which is a berry plum colour these lip creams actually feel a lot more sheer then the ones in previous deck of scarlet palettes which I didn't really like . 

The highlighter is really nice but it's quite gritty as it has gold fine glitter in it which again I don't really like I don't like glitter in my highlighters it is a lovely colour a nice golden colour and again it's not really the right colour highlighter for me as I am so pale but I have been using it and do like it I think it would look really nice on me when I am tanned . 

In this photo I used the same eyeshadows vibes as the eyeshadow base then I went in with the blusher (BAE) Bomb in the outer corner and in the crease then I blended it out and then Ziya all over the eye lid and used the same eyeshadows all over the lash line . 

I then used BAE Blush really sparingly as blush and the highlighter LIT-ERALLY on the inner corner and on my cheeks like I said earlier the highlighter does have quite a lot of glitter in it i'm hoping it's just the top layer and the glitter won't be as prominent it's the one thing that puts me off using this palette the fact that the highlighter has glitter in and you can see it on your face. 

The lipstick I used in these photos is called shambles and it's really sheer I had to really layer it on like 4/5 times to get this pigment which when you just want a quick look you can't be bothered doing that but I do like the lip colour it's the perfect nude it's your lips but better kind of nude . 

I am glad I have this eyeshadow palette however I wish they would have just steered away from putting glitter in the highlighter and maybe put a lighter colour of blush one that suits every skin tone and isn't just for medium to dark skin tones . 

I do like the fact that these Deck of Scarlet palettes are perfect for travelling you have your eyeshadows , your blusher, highlighter , 2 lipsticks to choose from the only thing you have to think about taking really is bronzer if you want to wear that and all your other products that you wear on a day to day basis . 

If you haven't seen my other posts on the Deck of Scarlet palettes it's a subscription service which cost $29.95 every 2 months and you can skip that particular palette if it's not for you and just buy one palette every 4 months I've done that in the past to save money . 

As I've got so many of the Deck of Scarlet collaborations though I am seriously thinking about cancelling my subscription as I just don't need any more palettes in my life.... sure there good to review but then I don't use them as I don't do an awful lot of travelling . 

Thanks for reading as always