Monday 19 June 2017

What Made Me Sell Urban Decay Heat Palette

Hello Beauties, I decided to buy this lovely Urban decay heat palette on a whim I saw the palette over Instagram and it looked beautiful . It is a beautiful palette with lovely warm shadows when I looked at the palette though some of the shadows were very similar to other palettes I had like my morphe 35F and I have other palettes that are very similar and didn't want to just keep it just because it was a urban decay naked palette.

I almost kept it for the packaging though if you have been reading my blog for awhile you will know how much of a sucker I am for gorgeous packaging and hands down this is the nicest urban decay palette to date it's just a little bulkier then the others . It's hard plastic rather then tin that the more recent urban decay palettes have been . I actually quite like this as you can travel with it without worrying about damaging it .
Like the other palettes it comes with a generous size mirror which is always nice .

As soon as I looked at the palette I knew I had made a mistake in ordering this palette I have so many similar eye shadow palettes to this and think I just got it because it was so hyped up anyway I decided not to swatch it and ask around if anyone wanted to buy it as I knew that so many people tried to get it and the palette had sold out . I managed to sell it in the end and I have no regrets because like I said I have so many palettes with these lovely warm tones if you don't though I highly recommend it as it is beautiful and who knows later in the year I may repurchase for now though I wanted to get the too faced sweet peach palette in this palettes place as I don't have any shadows similar only the ones that are in my I heart make up peach and chocolate palette which is a dupe for the sweet peach.

Another thing that I love about the urban decay palettes is the brushes I have got 2 brushes from the palettes . The palettes that I have are the original naked palette I love a good neutral palette and I also like the urban decay naked 3 which is more your rose toned eye shadows you can create some stunning looks with that and i'm sure you can with this urban decay heat palette as well this will be amazing for someone like me with blue eyes it will just make my eyes pop I think .

So what do you guys think ? have you got it yet ? are you going to pick it up would love to know your thoughts in the comment section down below

Thanks for reading ....