Tuesday 14 February 2017

Celebrating My 39th Birthday

Hello Beauties,

Sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile I've been so busy the last week my mum had to go into hospital for surgery so I have been looking after my mum while she recovers and then at the weekend I was celebrating my 39th Birthday with family.

 for my birthday meal my sister in law came out with me and my mum we went to this lovely restaurant in the town that I live in.

The restaurant has only just opened and is so lovely it's a nice Italian restaurant the food there is just amazing I had Garlic Mushrooms to start, Al Funghi Pizza for main and for dessert I had profiteroles I think my sister in law told the staff at the restaurant it was my birthday and they put a little candle in my profiteroles and sang Happy Birthday to me . I didn't know where to look who knew you could make profiteroles into a birthday cake :).

How cute does the candle look in the profiteroles they were so nice I would definitely have these again .

A birthday selfie of me and my sister in law I would definitely go back to this restaurant in fact I am thinking of going back in May for my mums birthday.

So that's what I did for my birthday on Friday night it was a weekend full of celebrations for me which is a first .

On Saturday my Niece came to my flat straight from work we had a nice chippy dinner and had a few drinks at my house. I did her hair and make up then we went into town for drinks which was lovely as I have never been out with her before it was so much fun.

                      A selfie of my niece and I  just as we had got ready and was on our way into town.....
 I love this photo of me it's taken in a fancy cocktail bar in the town that I live in and this cocktail was a birthday cocktail bought for me by my niece . I felt very classy drinking my cosmopolitan in this cocktail bar I felt like I was carrie from sex and the city :).

 This was in another fancy cocktail bar I am slightly worse for wear at this point not drunk just a little tipsy :). I love June bugs not had this cocktail probably since I lived in Manchester I used to go to the printworks quite a lot and there was a bar in there think its called New Orleans and it always had 2 4 1 on cocktails I loved it .
 This photo was taken in Pop world towards the end of the night I didn't have this too myself my niece shared it with me.

As you can see from this photo my Niece was enjoying this cocktail I think it's called cheeky vimto. it was such a good night.

I went round to my sisters on my actual birthday to celebrate with her and the rest of the family we had take away and just generally chilled out. My niece was so hung over I felt so bad I was actually okay .

Before I went round to my sisters I went round to my mums to open my presents there was so many presents I have been very spoilt this year . Would you like to see what I got for my birthday in a separate post ?