Monday 21 March 2016

Wilko Foundation Brush First Impressions/Review

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend I feel like I haven't written a blog post in ages life was just so hectic last week.

So today I would like to talk about a new Face Make-Up Brush I picked up from Wilko also known as Wilkinson.

I bought this Foundation Brush because I have tried a few brushes from Wilko because they are really reasonable in price and great to use while you are washing your expensive brushes.
This Foundation Brush was just £4 I couldn't believe it when I saw it in the Store I thought I would pick it up and try it out.

I didn't realise it at the time but I have a Powder Make-Up Brush from Real Techniques which I love it is Black & Gold like this one

Lets talk about this Foundation Brush the first thing I noticed was how soft the Bristles were on the Brush which were really nice.
It's very lightweight which is really nice I have used some brushes in the past and they have felt quite heavy to touch.

When I applied my Foundation and blended it out with this Brush I was pleasantly surprised it didn't leave any Streaks like other Brushes that I had used.
I normally use the Real Techniques Beauty Blender to put my foundation on but I thought I would try using a Foundation Brush for awhile and I have to say I am loving the results.

I love how the Foundation Brush has give me a Flawless Finish I will definitely be using this brush a lot more and it's definitely worth the £4 that I paid for it.

This is definitely a Foundation Brush that I would Recommend I am really loving using it at the moment.

Has anyone else tried this Brush what are your thoughts on it ?