Friday 13 November 2015

Yankee Candle Burners & Yankee Melts

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are well, 

I got these Yankee Melt Burner awhile ago I have been a lover of Yankee Candles now for such a long time and rather then just buying the one scent in a candle I saw this offer where you got the candle melt burner and 4 melts all different fragrances and you also got 3 tea lights. 

Why you only got 3 tea lights and not 4 I'm not entirely sure?.

The Fragrances if I can remember that I got with this Candle Melt are Shea Butter, ( which oh my gosh can I just take some time and say what a gorgeous scent this is.

fluffy towels that's also a gorgeous scent I'm actually burning Shea Butter in one candle burner and fluffy towels in another and the scent that travels around the room is just gorgeous. 

The other two fragrances are Clean Cotton and Soft Blanket. 

Here are the candle burners.....

I originally only had one candle burner and 4 melts but then I was given a second one and thought it would be nice to burn different scents at the same time :).

These candle melts last forever I read that they are only supposed to last 8 hours I've been burning them for much longer then that and they are still going strong which is a good thing. 

The only negative really is you go through so many tealights the 3 tealights that they sent in the starter pack went within the first day of me using this candle burner :). 

These are the candle melts that came in the pack with the candle burner from left to right clean cotton, soft blanket, Shea butter, fluffy towels. 
There all such lovely scents this is a set I really recommend :). 

I'm actually using my own tea lights and they don't last that long as they are not the thick ones that came in the pack so I'm going through quite a lot but they are really cheap to buy so that is not such an issue. 

The candle melts themselves are so cheap to buy I went into Clintons about a week ago to see what candles they had.
 My Nephews Girlfriend has been burning Snowflake Cookie and I thought about getting it in candle format there just so expensive so I had a look at what they had in the Melts and luckily enough they had a few left in Snowflake Cookie and I also picked one up called Pink Sands there all  such gorgeous scents. 

The price range for the melts is so much cheaper then the candles too these were only £3.49 for all 3 candle melts. 

Finally I went to Asda with my mum the other day and I saw these gorgeous smelling melts called Sunlight On The Snow and they were only £1 each so I picked up a couple of those so I have more then enough of these melts for the moment :). 

Have you tried any of these Yankee Melts If so what are your thoughts? 

What's your favourite scent??

It's nice to be inside in the warmth burning these melts as the weather is terrible this weekend it's been predicted that we could be getting up to 90 MPH winds as well as terrible rain. 
That makes you not want to go anywhere doesn't it? 
I heard Scotland are taking the brunt of the bad weather with the floods and the heavy winds but it's been pretty bad in the north west too :(.